90+ PhD, Postdoc & Faculty Positions in Netherlands

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland invite application for Ph.D., Postdoc & Faculty Position for various programs. More than 90 + PhD Postdoc & Faculty Positions are available for all international students around the world.
Scholarships, Funded, and Jobs faculty positions at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland. The Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland is a top-ranked and high ranged and biggest university in Netherland. If you are looking for Fully Funded International Opportunities then here is the best option for you to find out the Ph.D., Postdoc, and Faculty positions at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland. The Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland has opened its 90 Plus fully funded positions for Ph.D., Postdoc, and Faculty Positions. You can also apply for ANU International Research Scholarships 2021 in Australia (Fully Funded)

PhD Postdoc & Faculty Positions Brief Details 

  • University: The Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Department: Multiple
  • Course Level: Ph.D., Postdoc and Faculty Positions
  • Award: Full-Funded/Salary
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Awards: Not Known
  • Nationality: Netherland and International
  • The award can be taken in Netherland
  • Deadline: Open

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How to Apply

Candidates are encouraged to apply and read the requirement details for the open funded Ph.D., Postdoc, and Faculty positions at The Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherland by clicking on the following positions.

    1. PhD in Advanced digital control of ultra-high frequency power converters
    2. Assistant Professor at the department of Industrial Design
    3. PhD Project Inverse methods for aberration compensation
    4. PhD Optimization methods for aberration compensation
    5. Senior Backend Engineer (Devops)
    6. Security Analyst
    7. Post-doctoral Researcher Design for active lifestyles among vulnerable youth
    8. 6 PhD students on Metal Fuels Conversion Technology
    9. Postdoc Researchers on Source Location of Power Quality Issues
    10. Assistant Professor in AI for decision-making
    11. PhD position Machine learning for analysis and control of complex fluid flows
    12. Directeur Information Management & Services
    13. Centrale Specialist Wetenschappelijke Bibliotheekcollectie
    14. Two PhD positions on methodology and tool support for effective digital twinning
    15. Assistant Professor Educational Sciences at Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE)
    16. PhD; Non-hydrostatic phenomena in salt intrusions
    17. PhD student in Molecular Simulation of Novel Materials for Energy Applications
    18. PhD student in Business Process Intelligence
    19. Postdoc: Socially Disruptive Technologies and Conceptual Change
    20. Post Doc: Project Behavior change technologies for moral improvement
    21. PhD project: Will democracy survive social media?
    22. PhD position in Software Engineering and Technology (SET)
    23. Postdoctoral position in data visualization / visual analytics
    24. Assistant/Associate Professor Digital Circuits in the Electronic Systems group
    25. Next-generation coatings for advanced wear-resistant materials (Next-Coat)
    26. PDEng trainee positions (TOIO) Software Technology
    27. PhD Machine learning for organ allocation at Eurotransplant
    28. PDEng position on Fast Machine Learning-based Image Analysis and Control
    29. Postdoc non-invasive patient monitoring in peri-operative and critical care
    30. Modular/Parametric Constraint-based Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    31. PhD studentships in photonics
    32. Assistant Professor in Data Visualization
    33. 2 PhD student positions in Geometric Algorithms
    34. Teamlead BI
    35. PhD; High-dynamic Superconducting Motor
    36. PhD studentship on integrated spectrometers
    37. Postdoc on Over-the-Air Metrology for 5G Test Systems
    38. Three PhD positions on Argon Power Cycle project
    39. PhD highly accurate, high bandwidth piezo driver
    40. PhD candidate in Collaboration in complex networks
    41. PhD position in Probabilistic Machine Learning
    42. PhD candidate in Sustainable City Logistics
    43. Postdoc: Electronic Photonic Integration
    44. PhD Integrated Photonic Neurons
    45. PhD Visual Analytics for deep image-to-image models in medical imaging
    46. Program Officer for division Dynamical Systems Design
    47. PhD: Motion Monitoring for Neonatal applications
    48. Assistant professor (UD) – AI in Construction
    49. Computational Tissue and Material Mechanics Tenure Track Assistant Professor
    50. PhD Implementing effects of light on humans in the lighting design process
    51. Post-Master PDEng position on contactless monitoring unit
    52. Assistant/Associate/Full Professors Mechanics and Materials
    53. PhD on Mining Social Media for Cardio Care
    54. Assistant Professor in Smart Industry
    55. Integration Consultant
    56. Two year post-doctoral researcher Multi-scale modelling Fischer-Tropsch process
    57. 3 PhD positions in Additive Manufacturing of Funtional Concrete
    58. PhD position – MRI Flow Imaging of Reactive Trickle Bed Flow
    59. Post-Graduate on Metal Fuels Conversion Technology
    60. PD: Stabilization of 14-3-3 protein interaction with oncology targets
    61. JADS Coordinator External Relations 0.6 fte
    62. PDEng trainee positions (TOIO) Mechatronic Systems Design
    63. PDEng trainee positions (TOIO) Automotive Systems Design
    64. PhD Anticipating the Dynamics of Learning Systems in the Home Context
    65. PhD position: Real-time biomolecular sensing for closed-loop process control
    66. PhD in alertness, stress and rest as a function of optimized light distribution
    67. PhD student in Validating Software Restructurings
    68. PhD in effects of light spectrum on attention & perception in outdoor
    69. Tenure-track Assistant Professor Mammalian Synthetic Biology
    70. PhD in Acute non-visual effects of light on attention & cognition during daytime
    71. PhD in Effects of light on attention and sleep in persons with sleep disorders
    72. PhD on quantitative microscopy of super-selective binding of DNA-coated colloids
    73. Ph.D. position on Model Reduction in a Modular Framework
    74. Five positions: Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in AI
    75. PD: Realization and physics of hybrid photon-spintronic devices
    76. PDEng; the Eindhoven Engine Innovation Project Proposal SMART TWO PLUS
  1. Adviseur Gebouwautomatisering en energy management (0.8 – 1.0 fte)
  2. Ph.D. student project SeReNity
  3. Ph.D. position on synthesis and assembly of DNA-coated colloids
  4. Junior/Senior Windows/Azure engineer
  5. Technical lead architect
  6. Ph.D. student project FORWARDT
  7. Operational security officer
  8. Laboratory Advisor 1.0 FTE
  9. Postdoc in Artificial Intelligence
  10. Professor in `Natural Artificial Intelligence’
  11. Ph.D. position on Complete Vehicle Energy Management for Long-Haul Coaches
  12. Associate/Full Professor Power Electronics
  13. Asst Professor System identification & process control for multi-physics systems
  14. Assistant Professor (1 fte) Multi-physics Dynamical System Design
  15. Ph.D. position in Dynamic Cell Materials Interactions
  16. Program Officer for division Mechanics and Materials
  17. Assistant Professor in Optical Wireless Convergent Networks and Systems
  18. Asst/Assoc/Full professors in Dynamics Decision and Control only open for women
  19. Ph.D. and Postdocs in Security and Privacy
  20. Two Assistant Professor positions Data Security and IoT Security
  21. Tenure-track Asst/Assoc/Full Professor Machine Learning for Molecular Design

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