How to Write Motivation Letter for Scholarship | Good Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter for Scholarship – Applying right now for a degree abroad? Along with a list of documents, the destined university is going to ask a significant document that would be your motivation or cover letter. Your Motivation Letter is going to provide insights about your personal and professional details, along with your intentions and goals. This document will also enhance your chances of grabbing a scholarship for you. This article will provide you some key considerable factors in writing an effective motivation letter gathered from personal experience.

Motivation Letter for Scholarship Key Points

  • Make your name noticeable with bigger and bold font in letterhead with font size 14-16
  • Other personal details of letterhead and recipient should be of 12 font for a professional look.
  • The font color should be black.
  • Proofread your document for grammatical errors.
  • Always ask for a second opinion.

Steps for writing a strong motivation letter can be divided into two major steps.

The first step is further divided into two major sections

  • Letterhead of Letter
  • Recipients Details

Letterhead of Letter

The letterhead of your letter should contain your personal details including a bold and prominent name at the starting of the document. This section should be followed by your other further information grabbing lesser attention like phone number, email address, your personal address.

Recipients Details

Recipients Name and address and contact information should come next in your letter.

Letter Body

The next section of your motivation letter should be divided into three paragraphs.

  • First Passage: Discuss the degree
  • Second Passage: Qualifications
  • Final Passage: wrap up and give the reason why you fit for the scholarship

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Details for Motivation Letter

The body of your motivation letter should include three passages. The first passage will be of 2-3 lines and provide the details about scholarship and degree you applied for and how this degree will help you achieve your goals.

The second paragraph will constitute of your recent and all related qualifications. Make it detailed, yet not exceed more than one passage. Give details about the reason to choose this particular university as well as motivation for applying for the degree. Explain a little about how you are going to achieve your goals and milestones through this degree. Explain your research area and reason to find it interesting.
The final passage will be a bit tricky as it will be the essence of your letter. Wrap it up nicely and discuss the details about the scholarship and why are you fit for the scholarship and try to motivate your reader in the last 2-3 lines why that person should choose you by discussing your strengths and plan by availing the scholarships. Moreover, don’t forget to thank your reader for considering you.
Close the letter by paying your regards and mentioning your full name.

 Things to Strictly Avoid Motivation Letter.

  • Don’t add your pictures or links to the profile unless specifically asked to do so.
  • Don’t write plagiarized documents; it will only reduce your chances of always write a new motivation letter or update the last one. Touch it up every time!
  • Be truthful about your goals and achievements.
  • The document should not be too long and should not be less than a page.
  • Try to stay ahead of deadlines.

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