How to get Acceptance Letter from Professors for Scholarship

To get an Acceptance letter from Professor for Scholarship is an affirmative response from a professor at host university to supervise the applicant during the study period. A hurdle while applying for higher education is the enormous amount of money that universities demand you to pay. Hence applying for a scholarship to avoid paying for money is the smartest decision a student can take.
Acceptance letter from Professor might be an optional thing during your scholarship process but this extra effort really rewards you. Getting awarded with a scholarship becomes a piece of cake if you get an acceptance letter from a professor of the host university. Scholarship process might become easy with an acceptance letter from professor but grabbing attention of a professor with an email is a difficult task and demand a lot of professionalism hence requiring critical scrutiny of the process.

Acceptance Letter from Professors Key-points

To get a positive response from a professor you are emailing your mail should have 4 components

  • Brief personal and professional history along with degree details
  • Describe your Research interest
  • Attach your CV and research proposal

Note: In case you don’t get a response in a couple of weeks don’t hesitate to send a reminder email.

Key Notes

  • Your letter/Email should be brief and short
  • Only include relevant and logically related details to the degree
  • Check twice for grammatical errors and don’t hesitate to get a second opinion
  • Your letter/Email should be of business format
  • Don’t forget to mention your research interest.
  • If you don’t have an acceptance letter don’t panic and get recommendation letters from your professors in previous university.

Steps to writing an effective Email for Acceptance Letter

  • Mention subject of your Letter/Email
  • Brief information about yourself
  • Start your letter with words like respected Professor or Dear
  • Start by describing purpose of your letter.
  • Second paragraph should provide brief details about you, your previous degree and research interest and why this scholarship means to you
  • Your closing paragraph should include details about how this scholarship will help you during your degree
  • End the letter by paying regards

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