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CV is a prominent factor that is going to land you on a yes pile instead of on No one with all other CV’s during scholarship process. An Effective CV for Scholarship with give you a lot of benefits to with the scholarship.  Use your CV to market your personal and professional experience. A well-versed CV can enhance your chances of grabbing a scholarship but this can only become possible with you being truthful in your CV. Try to be concise, brief and avoid unnecessary details in your CV. Save those minor details for your interview. An essential aspect while applying for a scholarship is to update it according to need. With these pro tips, this article will help you realize 5 key factors to make an effective CV.

Effective CV for Scholarship Points

1. CV header

CV header section might seem like a piece of a cake but it doesn’t. you need to be very careful with what you include as this section will help to build trust of your reader on you. If anything, you write is fake it will just leave you with consequences instead of getting a scholarship. Your CV header should include a couple of details mentioned below:

  • Full Name
  • Professional title
  • Home address
  • Email ID
  • Telephone no
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth

These details of your should be true as they are going to search about you with those details and if they smell a little bit of smell they are going to throw away your CV landing you nowhere.

2. Objective/Personal statement for Effective CV

Don’t just start writing your academic achievements and experience just halt for a bit and add a section to explain your objective or personal statement to explain your goal for the scholarship and what makes you stand alone in all other candidates.

Your objective will define your goal you want to achieve with the scholarship you are applying for meanwhile if you are adding a personal statement that will explain your experience and academic history.

3. Work Experience and achievements

The 60 sec your CV is going to get this section of your CV will be taking most of the time. Try to make it simple yet include all the necessary details. Try to answer the questions

  • What did you do?
  • How well you did it?
  • How can it benefit you in your future studies?

An important factor is writing your achievements as measurable from excellent-good. State your work experience relevant to the degree you are applying for. Read the requirements section in the advertisement and try to include your experience related to that in your CV

3. Education

One thing to keep in mind is the position of your education history. If you’re a fresh graduate from an outstanding institute with shining academic record with no prior experience put your education section above your experience section. Don’t add unnecessary details and make it tedious to grab useful information. Add latest degree information details and year you passed out. You can add lower degree levels details or diploma information in case they are relevant to the degree you are applying for.

4. Along with your latest degree details, you should add

  • Field of study of your interest
  • Related coursework
  • Achievements in the specified area

5. Skills for Effective CV

Updating your CV for the scholarship you are applying should be the first thing in your mind instead of just sending a generic CV to all the scholarship openings. This is important why…because you don’t want to make your CV a long list of what you are but your CV should convince why you are a good fit for the scholarship in minimum time possible. Considering above mentioned dos and don’ts you should update your CV with skills relevant to the field. List all of your skills match them with what they need and based on that exclusion and inclusion criteria update your CV. Rate your skills from Excellent-Basic.

Points to ponder for effective CV for Scholarship:

  1. If you’re are a shining person with awards and certificate don’t hesitate to add additional qualities section to pop up your CV.
  2. Remember your CV always needs tweaking before forwarding it. So always update
  3. Use fonts like Arial, Time New Roman and San-serif fonts with a font size between 10-12. Along with that keep the layout consistent.
  4. Your CV will be printed as black and white so adding too many graphics might harm you instead of giving you benefit.
  5. Don’t add your photos on your CV unless you are asked to and if so add a professional photograph
  6. Make your CV relevant and brief.

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